No More Plastic Bottle Pollution on Set

No More Plastic Bottle Pollution on Set

Taking antioxidant supplements is only as effective as the absorption rate of those supplements. Eating foods rich in antioxidants is a healthier approach but the digestive process for breaking down the food so that your body can get the antioxidants actually results in oxidation – a little like taking two steps forward and one step back.

EMA Board Member Frances Fisher spoke to Ken Guoin, founder of Perfectwater Worldwide, about his revolutionary solution to the plastic bottle waste that has been polluting movie and television sets.

Seeing his new Portable Bio-Beverage Maker, Frances commented, “Not only do you eliminate plastic pollution, I love the sweet taste of this water. What made you realize we needed a portable water purification system on set?”, she asked Guoin. “Actually this system was inspired by Dianna Cohen of Plastic Pollution Coalition who was searching for a solution to the thousands of empty plastic bottles that litter concert venues and music festivals.”

As Dianna says, “The earth cannot digest plastic. Plastic is forever. And plastic poisons our food chain and leaches harmful chemicals into our body.” Jack Johnson, Jeff Bridges, Bonnie Raitt, Ben Harper and Jackson Browne are among the growing group of supporters of plastic free movie and television sets, along with concert venues.

This Portable Bio-Beverage maker transforms any poor quality water that comes out of a hose bib, ultra-filters it and then restructures it into pure, healthy water.

What do people who are using the portable Bio-Beverage Maker say? For an answer we spoke to environmentalist, health advocate, and 2006 EMA Green Seal Award winning producer, Ginger Sledge, who recently purchased the new Portable Bio-Beverage Maker for use on her film productions. “I’m using it on every feature film from now on. It produces healthy, alkaline, mineralized, anti-oxidant rich water”, Ginger said. “And not only is this water purification system completely green, it ultra-filters water down to 0.01 microns and eliminates plastic pollution! You never know the quality of water you’re going to get at any given location, but with this portable system everyone has an opportunity to put their canteen up to the water spigot and have an unlimited supply of perfect water to drink!”

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