Bathing & Showering

Why We Need To Bathe And Shower In Perfectwater

Our skin is highly absorbent. The excessive amounts of chlorine that are added to our municipal water supplies bonds to our skin, forming cancer causing chloramines. Hot water vaporizes chlorine that we inhale into our lungs, and is then transferred directly into our blood streams.

Over 60% of the chlorine exposure we come in contact with on a daily basis is from bathing and showering! Moreover, unlike the majority of other carbon based shower and bath filtration systems that simply don’t hold-up or work in hot water, our robust & patented ceramic filtration media, removes 100% of chlorine and other pollutants that the municipalities cannot. Additionally our integrated negitive ion technolgy, provides an abundant supply of negative Ions giving you the most refreshing and healthy shower or bath you have ever experienced… like standing in or near a waterfall!